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LA Drivers Ed Driving School At, we have teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct, a DMV licensed driving school for the entire state of California. That means we can offer you everything you need to become a safe, licensed driver. We have a DMV approved online drivers ed course that fulfills CA requirements for earning your permit and DMV licensed driving school in-car lessons that can fulfill your licensing requirements. Combine that with our new hybrid training vehicles, licensed instructors, and online resources and you've got the best full service driving school in California.

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Driving School LA Drivers Ed Why We Have The Best Drivers Training In California 

  • We offer the signature DMV Refresher course which is specifically designed to help students succeed on their DMV Road Test

  • Teens get more for their training dollar with Driver Ed Direct's focus on Defensive Driving (emphasized via the IPDE Training Methodology)

  • All of our Instructors are DMV licensed and have extensive in car training

  • Our training vehicles are equipped with dual brakes, front and side airbags, and anti-lock brakes

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    LA Drivers Ed Driver School

  • We Discuss the IPDE (Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) Defensive Driving methodology to make your teen a safer driver

  • Basic Driving Package includes an "introduction to the Freeway" which entails merging onto the freeway, driving on the freeway, discussing freeway basics, and exiting freeway

  • We offer additional DMV Drive Test Lessons that allow students to prepare for their DMV road test and then actually take the DMV test in our training vehicle. We'll pick you up!

  • Learn it all: Rules of the road, street sign meanings, right-of-way procedures, and how to handle obstacles

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  • Three Questions Driving Schools are Commonly Asked
  • Will you take my son or daughter on the freeway during a driving lesson?
  • Are your driving instructors DMV licensed?
  • How many hours of drivers training does the state of California require?

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