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Online Traffic School Don’t throw away your precious time in an eight-hour, boring classroom when you can take your court approved traffic school entirely online. With you can get your traffic ticket dismissed without stress. Our online and educational traffic school course is guaranteed to deliver exactly what you need to take care of your traffic safety needs in a timely, court approved manner.

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  • The Experience You Can Trust
    With LA Drivers Ed traffic school you can rest assured that you're getting online classes from a tested leader in Internet traffic safety education. Our online courses are engineered by partners with more than 15 years experience of teaching traffic safety classes to both adults and teens. Our courses are state approved and always backed up with our 100% money back guarantee!

  • Interactive Computer Lessons
    There are two types of boring traffic ticket schools: Sitting in a dark classroom for 8-hour or 12-hour days or taking a makeshift online course that puts you to sleep. Never fear, with LA Drivers Ed's traffic school course you'll skip the boredom with our exciting and information packed online course. We've got lessons that are loaded with interactive flash tutorials, provocative driving statistics, and defensive driving techniques.

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  • Fleet Traffic School Services - Customized by
    Do you or someone you know manage a fleet of vehicles? We have corporate and small business traffic school programs designed to keep your employees on the road safely. Studies show that employees participating in defensive driver training end up saving the company significant amounts of money in lost work days and workers compensation. Call us toll-free to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

  • A Fully Loaded Traffic School
    Being in business for 15 years now, we realize that having your ticket dismissed fast and easily is a top priority. That's why we offer all the basic traffic school services you need plus additional services to help accommodate your unique situation. For example, if your court deadline crept up on you and you need your certificate delivered ASAP, we have rush delivery options to help you make your court due date. Or maybe you need the flexibility of a workbook course because you simply don't have access to a computer - not a problem, we've got you covered (in most areas). At, we've got everything you need to get back on the road safely.

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